Belchior&Balstedt Duo BandaLive

A moment of good music at your work

Belchior & Balstedt – duo/banda offers live music to your corporate event! We mainly offer Brazilian music (samba, bossa nova etc.) but also jazz
and Swedish folk music can be added on request.The duo consists of guitar, song, flute and percussion. Can be extended with full band, ie drums and bass. Bands are good in larger rooms and provide the opportunity for dance.

Hans Balstedt is a professor at the Örebro University College of Music and has for many years coordinated an exchange program between Örebro University of Music and
music college UNIRIO in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. There have been many trips and contacts and a deep insight into Rio de Janeiro’s rich music life.
Louise Belchior, who is a music teacher, participated in the exchange in 2011 and has since played and sung Brazilian music and also lived in Rio de Janeiro for a few years.

Contact us at CK Agency to book.